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I am Michele Phillips -named The Light Lady by my clients, author, workshop leader, and self-mastery coach. I am committed to empowering individuals and teams to break free from entrenched behavior patterns that limit results. My mission is to cultivate new, motivating, and productivity-focused mindsets, beliefs, and habits that invigorate and energize results.

Whether you're an individual seeking personal growth or a corporation aiming to maximize productivity, look no further. At Key Performance, we specialize in delivering remarkable energy, transformative experiences, and tangible results.

With over two decades of expertise, we excel at empowering you, your senior executives, and your entire workforce to prioritize their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. We understand that external circumstances can be challenging, but our guidance ensures that you thrive amidst any situation, leading to enhanced productivity in both your personal and professional realms.


My mission is to cultivate thriving environments that ignite passion and cultivate appreciation, both for individuals and organizations. I firmly believe that when individuals are empowered to unleash their full potential, and when teams are provided with opportunities for growth through comprehensive training, development, and personalized coaching, remarkable results can be achieved.

To accomplish this, I adopt a holistic approach, recognizing that an individual's performance in both their professional and personal lives is intimately connected to their overall well-being. I specialize in addressing the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical dimensions of individuals, understanding that true fulfillment and success stem from a harmonious integration of these facets.

By fostering an atmosphere that nurtures the entire person, I unlock their innate talents and abilities, enabling them to excel in their roles. Through personalized coaching, I guide individuals to discover their unique strengths and overcome challenges, unlocking their true potential. I understand that a fulfilled individual brings their best self to the workplace, resulting in enhanced productivity, innovation, and overall success for the organization.

In summary, my vision encompasses creating positive environments that not only inspire and empower individuals but also maximize the potential of organizations. By recognizing the interconnectedness of mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being, I facilitate transformative growth for individuals and drive superior results for corporations. Together, we can create a world where fulfillment, appreciation, and success are the norm.

Key Performance


Key Performance

"I will teach you how to tune back into your own body and intuition. At your core, you already have all the answers. My task is simply to lead you back and turn on the flame that burns deep within you."

– Michele Phillips