You are invited to energize your results with a 2-night/3 day VIP Coaching Retreat with me. You will experience up to 12 hours of 1:1 attention focused on creating the life you know deep down that you deserve. 

The Transformative 1:1 VIP Coaching Retreat is an exclusive experience set amidst the serene beauty of The Abbey Inn & Spa overlooking the majestic Hudson River in Peekskill, NY. Designed for executives, entrepreneurs, and beautiful souls seeking personal and professional mastery. This retreat is a unique opportunity to embark on a tailored coaching journey in a tranquil and inspiring setting. 

Nestled in a picturesque location, the Abby Resort & Spa offers a sanctuary away from the demands of everyday life. Surrounded by stunning landscapes and panoramic views, this idyllic retreat provides a serene backdrop conducive to introspection and rejuvenation.

Before your arrival, a detailed assessment will be conducted to gain insights into your unique goals, challenges, and aspirations. This assessment will serve as a foundation for crafting a tailored coaching plan that addresses your specific needs and helps unlock your full potential. 

The Objective:

By utilizing a combination of proven methodologies, insightful dialogue, self-reflection, and the development of practical strategies to overcome obstacles and enhance your mastery skills, Michele will challenge limited assumptions and empower you to make meaningful breakthroughs. 

What to expect:

Expect to feel refreshed, energized, and inspired. The time invested in an off-site retreat accelerates your results as you and Michele share meals, go for walks, meditate, journal, and complete exercises, all while enjoying nature, each other, and the time to simply be. Many clients state that they have never given themselves a gift as exceptional as this; time spent discussing their specific wants and needs with someone who gives them 100% attention and wise guidance.

What you receive when working with Michele

  • Elevated trust in your emotional guidance system.
  • The ability to articulate goals with clarity and purpose.
  • A road map for crafting your personal and or professional philosophy and presence.
  • An upgraded mindset and an improved set of coping tools.
  • A realistic relationship with time and your calendar.
  • Methods for getting things done and enjoying life.

Success Agenda 

Day One: Starts at 3:00 pm, facilitation and discussion with Michele until 8:00 pm, dinner at the locally inspired Apropos Restaurant. 

Day Two: Optional 45-minute walk with Michele at 7:00 am, Free morning to go to the spa, relax, and journal. Lunch at noon with Michele, facilitation and discussion, 3-5 pm road trip, 5:00 Happy Hour. 7:00 Dinner with Michele is optional.

Day Three: 9:00 am start time to 1:00 pm, facilitation & lunch with Michele. 3:00 finish. 


  • 2 nights/3 days hotel room at The Abbey Resort & Spa -you can add a night before or after if you wish. 
  • VIP basket of goodies for your room.
  • Meals (One breakfast, lunch & dinner)
  • Pre-Retreat coaching session
  • Pre-work self-discover assignment and character strength assessment 
  • 10-12 Hours of personal facilitation and 1:1 Coaching 
  • 3 post-retreat coaching sessions 


  • $7,997.00  ($5000.00 due at time of booking, balance due ten days prior to retreat)