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Explore a collection of insightful podcast episodes featuring Michele Phillips, an expert in workplace happiness and individual performance. Michele shares practical strategies for increasing happiness, maintaining positivity, and achieving success in both personal and professional spheres.


Unlock actionable tips as Michele discusses the connection between happiness and success. From prioritizing self-care to cultivating a positive mindset, these episodes offer invaluable guidance for those seeking fulfillment and achievement.


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IntHERrupt: Michele Phillips | How can we be happy in the moment?

In this episode, Michelle delves into the transformative experiences that led her toward an unshakeable pursuit of happiness—even when faced with life's inevitable interruptions. Together, they unravel the compelling concept of energy transference and the role of positive psychology in shaping one’s happiness, offering listeners an empowering toolkit for cultivating a fulfilling life.

FnT Podcast

FnT 147: What makes a leadership great with Michele Phillips

In this episode, we explore conscious leadership and its transformative impact on business. Topics include mindful decision-making, the link between emotional intelligence and effective leadership, values-based leadership for positive culture, and empathy's role in team dynamics and inclusivity. Gain valuable insights and practical tips to enhance your leadership approach.

Marrin Costello Radio

Marrin Costello Radio 103. Michele Phillips; President of Key Performance, Award Winning Author, Workshop leader + Transformational Coach

In this episode, Michele Phillips, President of Key Performance and author of "Happiness is a Habit," discusses her journey as an entrepreneur and executive coach. She shares insights on corporate training, personal coaching, and the importance of maintaining a balance between professional and personal growth. Phillips emphasizes the power of daily habits in enhancing well-being and joy.

The Employment Experience

The Employment Experience 062: The Power of Emotions: Harnessing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace Can Be the Key to Professional Success with Michele Philips

In this episode, Michele Phillips discusses the significance of emotional intelligence (EI) in improving workplace dynamics and leadership. Key points include the role of EI in leadership, the benefits of regular employee check-ins, and techniques for managing emotions. The episode emphasizes how EI can enhance professional success and foster a positive organizational culture​.

Girl, Take the Lead!

Girl, Take the Lead! 130. Happiness is a Habit with Michele Phillips 

Here are 3 takeaways from this episode episode:

  1. Happier people don’t have perfect lives, they just have better coping skills.
  2. Instead of looking at our resolutions, we should look at our habits because they run our lives.
  3. Happiness has less to do with what is going on in our external world and more to do with what is going on with us internally.
Corporate CPR

Corporate CPR Episode 104: How To Help Your Employees Become More Resilient

On today’s episode we are talking about how to help your employees become more resilient. Michele Phillips is a seasoned corporate trainer and transformational personal coach. As President of Key Performance and award-winning author of 'Happiness is a Habit,' Michele has shaped a fulfilling 23-year entrepreneurial career. Her impact extends globally, guiding Fortune 500 companies like TAG Heuer and Pfizer. Michele excels in one-on-one coaching, seamlessly integrating neuroscience, habit formation, and positice psycology to elevate hapiness and performance.

Out of the Box With Christine Blosdale

Out of the Box With Christine Blosdale 206: Simple Things You Can Do To Add Joy To Every Day

Join us on a transformative journey with our episode, where we guide you through sustainable daily habits for a healthier, happier life. Forget quick fixes like fad diets and shopping sprees. Instead, discover how simple habits can boost your confidence, vitality, and joy. In this episode, we reveal how incorporating small changes into your routine can create a positive ripple effect. Learn the secrets to unlocking your best self through habits that resonate with your lifestyle. Your journey to the confidence, vitality, and joy you deserve is just a habit away.

Change Work Life

Change Work Life: The Optimist’s Guide to Surviving a Toxic Workplace - with Michele Phillips of Key Performance

Michele Phillips is a happiness expert who specializes in individual performance in the workplace. She explains how your mindset affects your happiness, the way you can make happiness a habit, and how to stay positive when working a job you don't enjoy. In this episode, you'll learn how to talk to people about happiness, the key factors that affect your happiness level, how to stay optimistic in challenging circumstances, amongst other things.

The Synergy Connection Show

The Synergy Connection Show: To Make Your Life Simple with Michele Phillips

Michele Phillips has been named the “Light Lady” by her clients. She is an author, workshop leader and self-mastery coach and explains she “teaches people how to open their minds and hearts aligning them with their true power, energy and well-being”. She uses a holistic approach and helps her clients connect their professional and personal life.Michele and I discuss ways to make your life simpler on the show today. With simplicity there is more time to explore what makes us happy and fulfilled.

Look What She Built

Look What She Built EP 101: Happiness Is A Habit with Michele Phillips 

In Episode 101 of "Look What She Built" with Jaime Foster, titled "Happiness is a Habit," Michele Phillips discusses how happiness can be cultivated through daily habits. She emphasizes the importance of integrating small, consistent practices into daily routines to enhance well-being. Michele shares practical tips on how to develop these habits and explains how they can significantly impact one's overall happiness and life satisfaction. This episode is particularly useful for listeners looking to make positive changes in their lives by focusing on sustainable, joyful practices.


The RecogNATION: Happiness is a Habit with Michele Phillips

In the podcast episode "Happiness is a Habit with Michele Phillips," Michele discusses the significance of cultivating happiness as a daily practice. She emphasizes that happiness is not merely an emotion but a habit that can be developed through consistent actions and mindset shifts. Michele explores various strategies to integrate happiness into everyday life, such as maintaining a positive outlook, practicing gratitude, and engaging in activities that bring joy. She also highlights the importance of self-care and self-compassion in sustaining long-term happiness.

productivity on purpose

Productivity on Purpose 169: Unlock Your Potential with Michele Phillips

Join Mridu Parikh in an engaging discussion with Michele Phillips, who specializes in increasing happiness and individual performance. You’ll learn how to:

  • Press the easy button in life.
  • Deal with, and turn around, crappy days.
  • Get better at focus.
  • Squash pessimism.

I can’t wait for you to hear these value bombs. Get full show

Choosing Happiness for Success

Happy Productive with Jennifer Dawn: Choosing Happiness for Success: Michele Phillips on Developing Positive Workplace Habits

Join us as we explore the profound link between happiness and success with Michele Phillips. Discover practical strategies for increasing happiness, including self-care and positive activities. Discover the importance of maintaining happiness while pursuing goals and seeking support when needed. Learn how choosing happiness can transform your life and positively impact your success in both personal and professional realms.

The Lila Life Show

The Lila Life Show: The Choice to Build Resilience with Michele Phillips

In this episode, we discuss resilience and high performance in navigating life & business. Michele Phillips is the founder of Key Performance who specializes in increasing happiness and individual performance in the workplace. By utilizing the latest findings of neuroscience, habits, and positive psychology, Michele shares the formula for happiness and success in an enjoyable and enthusiastic manner.

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